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What is MPS or Muscle Protein Synthesis and Why Does it Matter?

Posted by: Steven Butler on Tuesday, January 17, 2023


Let’s start with some glossary terms.

  • Protein Turnover is the perpetual tearing down and building of new proteins for the body
    • Without this process our cells would eventually become weakened and damaged
    • MPS is the building of new proteins
    • MPB is the breakdown of old proteins
    • Net Balance is the difference between these two processes

That’s great, but how does that make me more muscular and leaner?

  • We want MPS most of the time (although we do want MPB to “clean out the bad proteins”)
  • EAAs are the most efficient ways to stimulate MPS (Any protein with EAAs in it will stimulate this)
  • The actual EAA ratio has an impact on how strong the MPS response is
  • The total EAAs also have an impact on how strong the MPS response is
  • 20g of Whey has been shown to be near maximal MPS response (The Muscle Protein Synthetic Response to Meal Ingestion Following Resistance-Type Exercise | SpringerLink)
  • Doubling this amount only raises the MPS Response another 10%-20%
  • When EAAs are matched with whole protein sources, the MPS response is matched
    • Whole proteins have other things besides EAAs (NEAAs)
    • There are 10.6g to 25g of Whey Protein Concentrate
    • Just using EAAs offer a much more effective dose
  • But that’s just part of the story.
    • AM.AMINO uses a ratio that has been shown to be utilized at 5X the rate of Whey
    • NB is measured simply by measuring how much nitrogen comes in, subtracted from how much comes out of the bodily waste products
    • AM.AMINO ratio is utilized at 99% (
    • That means 99% of the dose goes to MPS not to waste!
  • Having a Positive MPS is the way to be in a caloric deficit and not lose muscle mass
    • This is why you hear so many protein recommendations for deep caloric cuts
    • However, all that protein adds up in calories itself
    • AM.AMINO allows you to hit those protein requirements without all the calories!

Read more about MPS

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