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I.AM.AMINO is here to help you ROCK your workout, recover faster, and dominate your game!

  • Lightning Fast Muscle Growth

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Imagine…Non-Stop Adventures Personal Records You’ve Never Imagined Feeling Your ABSOLUTE BEST

 I.AM.AMINO is a mouthwatering, all-natural, better-than-protein drink designed to refuel, re-energize, and repair your body so you can dive into an action-packed life.

Using nature and science, we carefully chose every high-quality ingredient—leaving all the extras out—to give the extra boost you need to dominate your sport, life, and adventures.

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Finally, a full-profile
essential amino acid supplement!


  • Burn Fat

    As you build muscle, you will increase your metabolism which will help with fat loss.
  • Increase Energy

    Isoleucine contained in I.AM.AMINO not only aids in muscle metabolism, but also helps boost energy.
  • Boost Recovery Times

    I.AM.AMINO's EAAs are optimized to be utilized at 99% within 25 minutes, boosting recovery times significantly.
  • Improve Immune Function

    Our unique blend of essential amino acids works synergistically to support immune function.
  • build muscle mass

    Your muscles need fuel. The EAAs in I.AM.AMINO have been shown to stimulate Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) to help maintain and build muscle.
  • Enjoy Better Sleep

    Tryptophan helps produce serotonin for better mood & sleep.
  Based On Happy Customers

We Want to WOW You

We’re Better Than Protein
Powders & BCAA

We don’t like to brag… But we specifically designed I.AM.AMINO to outperform protein powders and BCAAs supplements. Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are only three of the 8 EAAs your body needs.
I.AM.AMINO gives you all 8 at an optimized ratio. Combined with our protein synthesis, specifically designed to help you increase strength and lose fat, I.AM.AMINO helps people feel unstoppable.

We Get Nerdy With Science

Because we use only exceptional ingredients, without any fluff or fillers, we have a 99% nitrogen utilization. That means absolutely none of this formula goes to waste.

You’re not getting any of the nonsense your body will have to work to get rid of. We are about efficiency, baby.

We’re AWESOME For Everyone (But ESPECIALLY For Vegans & Women)

Though our formula was built for all, we designed I.AM.AMINO specifically to help vegans and women get all the nutrition and proteins they need to optimize their workouts.

Protein Powders

I.AM.AMINO® is a deliciously-flavored drink mix of essential amino acids. This scientifically designed formula helps power your workouts.

18% <10%
Speed of Absorption
Under 30 Mins
3-6 hours 3-6 hours
150 160
IF & Keto Friendly
Wastage Under 1% 82% 90+%
Lowers Inflammation
Aids Weight Loss
Servings to replace 50g of dietary protein 1 serving 2 serving 2 serving

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Based on happy customers


In stock. Ready to ship.

This scientifically designed formula helps power your workouts, pump up your adrenaline-filled adventures, and heighten your serene vacations.



In stock. Ready to ship.

This scientifically designed formula helps power your workouts, pump up your adrenaline-filled adventures, and heighten your serene vacations.

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We’re here to help

Here are some answers to our most
frequently asked questions.

What effects will I experience by taking I.AM.AMINO?

Results will vary based on how deficient your protein needs were when you began taking I.AM.AMINO.

For folks on a caloric deficit or with amino acid absorption issues through disease or old age, the results will be exciting. 

For others, you may notice increased energy, not stimulant energy, but an enhanced feeling of strength and endurance, immediately after the first or second dose. If you run, perhaps you will see improved time. If you lift, you might do a few more reps or even break a personal record. After a few weeks of usage (at the recommended dosage), those same gains should become very noticeable. You will also notice improvement in recovery (how fast you are ready to train again with vigor and lowered soreness). In the long term, the results will be obvious with enhanced energy, less muscle soreness, and typically some weight loss.

Is there real science backing up I.AM.AMINO claims?

Many studies show the benefits of Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) on Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) or muscle growth. Our formula is based on a ratio that has been studied and shown less nitrogen waste than any other whole food protein or free form amino acid formula that was tested. Nitrogen waste indicates poor protein utilization to build muscle—the lower the nitrogen waste, the more effective the protein utilization. For the formula I.AM.AMINO is based on, the study showed that the body used 99% of the nitrogen that came in. That means, unlike Whey, where only 18% is utilized and 82% is wasted, I.AM.AMINO uses virtually all of the amino acids towards MPS (Luca, 1998).

In another study, a 51 year old female subject embarked across a desert using the formula I.AM.AMINO is based on as her sole source of “protein.” The trek took 24 days, and she consumed over 3000 kcal/day and 24g of EAA (0.4g/kg) per day during that time. The subject gained almost 3 pounds of muscle mass and lost almost 6 pounds of fat mass in the 24 days (Luca, et al, 2003).

Lucà-Moretti, M. (1998). A Comparative, Double-blind, Triple Crossover Net Nitrogen Utilization Study Confirms the Discovery of the Master Amino Acid Pattern. Age (years), 152(176), 41-5.

Lucà-Moretti M, Grandi A, Lucà E, Mariani E, Vender G, Arrigotti E, Ferrario M, Rovelli E. Results of taking Master Amino acid Pattern as a sole and total substitute of dietary proteins in an athlete during a desert crossing. Adv Ther. 2003 Jul-Aug;20(4):203-10. doi: 10.1007/BF02850091. PMID: 14669816.

What do you mean by amino acid ratio, and how does that makes I.AM.AMINO stand out? 

Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) requires 8 Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) in the correct relative amounts or ratio in order to achieve 99% utilization. That ratio effectively controls how much your body uses, versus how much is wasted. I.AM.AMINO is based on a ratio that has been shown to have 99% utilization to build muscle, enhance recovery, and maximize fat loss.

Why should I use I.AM.AMINO and not Whey or other proteins?

It all comes down to utilization. What you don’t utilize, you cannot benefit from. The formula I.AM.AMINO is based on has been shown to provide 99% utilization, while the most popular whole protein sources like Whey have been shown to provide a meager 18% utilization. That means about 16g of your 20g scoop of Whey might as well go down the drain. 

Why do I need amino acids?

We have all heard that we are 2/3 water. But, of the remaining third, 2/3 is protein. Proteins not only form our muscles, antibodies, enzymes, and hormones, but also serve critical structural, storage, and transport functions. As older protein is broken down, our bodies make new proteins, including muscle protein, using building blocks called amino acids. Out of 20 different amino acids required for protein synthesis, 12 can be manufactured by our bodies, but 8 are Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) that we must consume. I.AM.AMINO provides all EAAs in a ratio that maximizes utilization.

Is I.AM.AMINO FDA compliant?

Yes, I.AM.AMINO complies with FDA labeling regulations. I.AM.AMINO does not require FDA approval because it is a dietary supplement. Dietary supplements, in contrast to drugs, do not require FDA approval but must comply with FDA labeling regulations.


We guarantee that you'll love I.AM.AMINO, or we'll give you your money back. No returns needed, just show us a picture of you flexing with disappointment and we'll refund you. But let's be real, that won't happen because I.AM.AMINO is the real deal, baby! 💪 So go ahead, try it out for 30 days risk-free and see the gains for yourself.

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