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What can I.AM.AMINO do for YOU?

Posted by: Steven Butler on Thursday, April 07, 2022



  • Endurance Exercise- I.AM.AMINO is EAAs. But the BCAAs are 3 of the 8. When doing endurance style exercises BCAAs can be absorbed directly by muscle rather than through the liver and convert to energy. 



  • Stimulate Muscle Protein Synthesis- leading to more hypertrophy (muscle growth) and quicker recovery


  • Low Protein Diets- Contribute to low growth hormone, estrogen, prolactin (metabolism) and thyroid imbalance. I.AM.AMINO will supplement a low protein diet and replace your whole protein sources


  • Hypertrophic Environment- Hard training exercise can contribute to catabolism (muscle protein breakdown). That environment can cause EAAs to be used as energy rather than hypertrophy and recovery. By supplementing with I.AM.AMINO, you will maintain an anabolic state.


  • Increase Strength- Increased LBM means bigger cross sectional area and quicker strength gains


  • Fatty Liver- There have been a number of promising studies to support that amino acids and specifically EAAs can support a healthy liver. One study showed a protective effect on alcoholic induced fatty livers even while the alcoholism continued.



  • MPS and Caloric Restriction- EAAs in I.AM.AMINO have been show to stimulate MPS even while in a caloric deficit. That means maintenance of muscle and even possible growth during a cut.


“I.AM.AMINO is by far the best tasting 1:1 MAP EAA I've ever tried. You're getting it all with this product; great quality, great taste, great price and great results!”

Alan H. Verified customer

“Best tasting EAA mix out there! Sweet, tart, and no dragon breath aftertaste! Great customer service, and you can’t beat the value!”

Stephanie K. Verified customer

“I have been using I.AM.AMINO since early July and am very pleased with it. It has helped me achieve my fasting goals and make strength gains. Love the taste!”

Henry H. Verified customer

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