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Free Amino Acids (EAAs) vs. Whole Protein sources like Whey?

Posted by: SEO + Marketing on Sunday, March 27, 2022


1) EAA vs. Whey - Plenty of science out there measuring the quality of Whey based on its EAA content. Frankly, all amino or proteins tend to be measured by the digestibility and the completeness of the EAAs

That’s exactly why Vegan diets mythically talked about mixing beans and rice, It was purely about meeting the EAA requirements.

So just taking the EAAs makes sense

2)Histidine - Many still consider histidine conditional meaning it’s only essential during puberty. For me, this is a “regardless” AA simply because the amount needed (if needed) is so small and trivial that you are very likely getting it from your other sources of protein anyway.

There’s a famous study of a woman that walks across a Chinese desert with only MAP and liquid carbs and gains muscle. She seemed fine without the Histidine

3) Yes, the MAP studies were done by Moretti. I’ve never seen his product (patented for 20 years) studied by others.

But why would anyone fund the study of a patented product except for the patent holder?

But that study very likely sparked the massive interest in Amino Acids and even Whey in the 1990s

BCAAs, EAAs, And the NEAAs (Arginine and Glutamine most prominently) were studied like crazy in response to it.

In my opinion, you cannot go wrong adding ANY EAAs to your supplement regimen.

Yes, I believe the Perfect Amino, Fortagen, Optimal Amino (MAP) formula has produced the most prominent response for me, but after trying just about all of them, I can say they all work better than any other supplement category, even the cheap ones like Bulk Supplements.

MAP is simply the best of the best!

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